The qualities of success and breakthrough in our time include:

- Resilience

- Happiness

- Personal Peace

- Serenity

- Ability to share your burdens without feeling judged

And a host of other skills.

Do you know that becoming a professional practitioner of Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management goes beyond being certified? It has come to a point in life when you need to become an IMPACT-driven professional, profitable resource person and one who wants to leave a legacy in the sands of time.

If these are your aspirations, we have something you would love.

Attend our 5-day intensive course on Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence in Abuja from 7th to 11th March.

In this course, you will learn:

- Professional tools for coaching

- Practical dimensions to Therapy

- Practical lessons in Behavioural Change work

- Triggers, Myths, Flags and Resolutions of Anger

- Life Applications of Emotional Intelligence

- Ethical conduct in Behavioural Change

- Mental Health tips

- The Business and Profit of Behavioural Change Practice


Fee: N200,000 only

For more details, call 0807 361 0884 now.

(IG/Twitter: @sobcaonline)

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